Objectives and topic

The Autumn Camp Archimede aims to create for 4 days an ephemeral Living Lab on the design thinking of self-learning multimedia systems. Archimede Living Lab is one of the three Autumn Camps in Lille, World Capital of Design.
One of the original features of Archimede Living Lab is to welcome and have students, working people, project leaders and experts from the Hauts-de-France region, Europe and Africa work together.
Archimede Living Lab will train participants in the self-design method, based on the conceptual approach and tools of design thinking. The Archimede Living Lab will also be an opportunity to provide leads for perspectives and discussions in the global crisis that the world is currently going through.

Archimede Living Lab will allow designers, experts, students, researchers, etc. to meet to co-create self-paced multimedia applications. At the end of the Autumn Camp, participants will be trained in design thinking methods, methods of designing educational content as well as digital tools for designing multimedia systems.


Archimede Living Lab is open to anyone wishing to train in digital multimedia design methods with the contribution of design thinking (entrepreneur, student, engineer, researcher, project leader incubated or in the process of incubation, teacher).

Archimede Living Lab will provide a multicultural reflection environment by welcoming participants from different countries. Archimede Living Lab will be hosted in French and English.

The three main objectives of the autumn camp are:

  • Prototype by design thinking the method of self-design of self-learning digital applications;
  • Design a user guide for the method;
  • Prototyping this method in a living lab infrastructure.

This self-design method is therefore based on the conceptual approach and tools of design thinking. Its nature is to be “collaborative”, to bring about the co-creation of multimedia self-training applications in networks or groups. Its ideal field of deployment will therefore be the “living lab” where designers, experts, students, researchers, startups, etc. can meet and co-create these multimedia applications.


AutumnCamp2020_EN_Archimede_Living_Lab (pdf flyer)